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Chicken Wire Interchangeable Seasonal Mail Holder

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The Chicken Wire Interchangeable Seasonal Mail Holder is a decorative and functional product designed to hold your mail and provide a touch of seasonal charm to your home.

The mail holder comes with four interchangeable pieces, each designed to represent one of the seasons of the year. These pieces can easily be swapped out to reflect the current season, providing a fun and festive way to decorate your home.

The mail holder has two baskets, one labeled "mail" to hold your letters and other important documents and the other to hold the interchangeable seasonal pieces. The baskets are made from durable materials and are designed to securely hold your mail and decorations.

This product is perfect for anyone looking to add a little bit of seasonal flair to their home while also keeping their mail organized and easily accessible. It would make a great addition to any kitchen, entryway, or home office.

Measures approx 19x11"


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