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Snowmen Christmas Family Name Ornament

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This is a cute diy family ornament that can be personalized with your family name.  Please choice from the options above.  If you choice to have it personalized, the ornament will say "The --------  Family."  Please include in your order exactly how you would like it spelled.   You can have up to eight snowmen in the window but please note, the snowmen get smaller the more you add.

This ornament is 3 layers thick (window, snowmen and trees)

1/8" thick wood

All pieces come separately and must be painted and glued together on your own.

No glue or paint include d just the wood pieces.

Measures approx. 4".

What comes with the kit:

➤Wood pieces to complete the project

➤Photo of the completed project for reference.

➤ALL pieces come separated for easy painting.

What you will need at home:

➤Wood stain and/or paint

➤Glue (hot glue gun, super glue, or E6000. I prefer super glue.

➤Paint Brush(es)

➤Rope, Twine, or Ribbon to hang

These items are cut from 1/8" MDF.


Our processing time on blanks is 7-10 days. This does change depending on the number of orders coming in. Also, expect longer times during the holiday season. If you need your item before this, please message us to confirm we can meet the time frame.


If the amount you are charged for shipping is more than the actual shipping cost, we will issue a refund for the difference once your order is shipped.

Return Policy:

We do not accept any returns as orders are made to order. Cancellations are not accepted.

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