Our Story

From cutting the signs to painting to packing and shipping. It is all done with my two hands!

Hello, my name is Donna. I am the owner and creator of Rustic Farmhouse Décor. Each item is hand created by me. A ton of time and effort into each piece to make it unique and fun. You will find me pretty much in the paint all day every day. You get ME just as I am, a fun-loving crazy woman who loves to help other women succeed.

I grew up on a produce farm and could not wait to turn eighteen and get away from it. I got remarried in my mid-thirties and my husband and I along with my children started our pick your strawberry farm. A few years later, we were growing all the produce from A-Z. I never realized till then how much I enjoyed working on the land. My winters were always free time, so I started crafting. First with wood signs and eventually purchased a silhouette cameo to make stencils and cut vinyl. As the years went on, I started selling more and more. I also did home painting parties. I went to a larger 24 vinyl cutter, sublimation printer, and heat and just recently purchased a laser cutter. We have since retired from farming and now I can devote all my time to my dream of designing and creating.

When covid started in the Spring of 2020, I took my crafting business online. It took off immediately, and I have not looked back since. Most of my sales have been done on Facebook lives which lead me to start a Facebook group to teach and allow other crafters a place to sell with a following. Up until now, all my sales have been pretty much thru Facebook. Now with the new laser cutter, I am starting a website so I can offer more DIY projects that will be available to purchase at any time, not just during my live sales.

I would love for you to follow my Facebook business page where I post updates on new items, painting tutorials, and live sales.  Our customers and followers are the best! Without them, our dreams would not be possible.

Please look around, and if you don't see exactly what you're looking for please send me a message. I may be able to help!

I hope to always send encouragement, positivity, and a tiny piece of my heart to everyone whom I have crossed paths with.
I love sharing what I have been blessed to have learned through this painting journey with others and showing that we were all created by the ONE creator to create. Together we can make our home here on earth a little more beautiful and a lot more kind.
Our Story