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DIY Standing Interchangeable Christmas Reindeer Gnome Kit for our Boy or Girl Interchangeable Gnomes

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Do you like to change up your gnome decor? These adorable Standing Gnomes allow you to change their outfits for holidays, birthdays, graduation, and more. Perfect for all seasons. They stand approximately 28" tall. Their shoes, arms, and seasonal items between their hands can be attached with velcro to make them interchangeable. The hat slides into a slot and does not require velcro. Their signs are also interchangeable.

Here are just a few of the kits available in other listings.
*Boy or Girl Gnome - includes all the wood pieces needed to make the complete set, unfinished and ready to paint and glue.
*Easter Bunny Add-On
*Bumble Bee Add-On
*Spring Add-On
*Graduation Add-on
*4th of July Add-On
*Teacher Add-On
*St. Pats Add-On
*Birthday Add-On

Many more to come.

These cute gnome sets will add that perfect addition to your home with many possibilities and are fully tailored to the colors you would like so that they can fit perfectly into your decor.

*Add velcro to the pieces to be able to change them at your convenience
*Be creative and choose your colors
*Base Kits come complete with a stand.
*These DIY kits are unpainted and unglued for you and/or your kids to decorate and paint however you want.
*Paint and glue are not included with DIY kits.


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