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Santa Claus Mini Tiles Kit

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Our DIY sets are perfect for decorating your own home or for paint parties.

These MINI tile inserts are the perfect addition to a tiered tray set or frames that we offer.

For this purchase you will get the unfinished pieces, not painted as this is a DIY kit of 16 tiles.   Most of the pieces are separate so you can easily paint each piece a different color. Some pieces also offer placement marks so you can align the painted piece. Due to the size- many of the words are attached to each other- but not to any other pieces.

Approximate Sizes:

16 mini squares- 2.35" x 2.35" (each).

These are MINI pieces. Which means they will have small pieces. The flat words shown on the inserts are scored (like etched) onto the wood. You will need to be VERY careful with paint so as to not cover them. You will need to do very light, almost dry coats of paint to not cover them- if you do- you will need to quickly take a toothpick or something and get the paint off the words. If you get too much and can't- you can use a paint marker to fill them in. We do NOT provide replacements if you cover the words- you will need knowledge on how to paint them so you don't cover the words.

These pieces are meant to lean on something on a tiered tray or inserted into our frames/holders (sold separately).

What's included?

➤Wood pieces to complete the project

Photo of the completed project for reference.

★ALL pieces come separated for easy painting. Gluing is required.★


➤Wood stain and paint

➤Glue (hot glue gun, super glue, or E6000. I prefer super glue.

➤Paint Brush(es)

➤Rope, Twine, or Ribbon to hang


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Return Policy:

We do not accept any returns as orders are made to order. Cancellations are not accepted.

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